TRS WBCO Service Technician/Supervisor

  • Work LocationMalaysia
  • Work ScheduleTBC
  • Work DurationTBC
  • Estimated Mob Date2019/8/1
  • Candidate NationalityMalaysian

Job Description

COMPETENCE REQUIREMENTS: At employment date: • Formal background; relevant experience within drilling / casing industry or long relevant experience from similar position • Offshore experience in a similar role • Minimum of 3 years relevant experience running casing • Basic use of IT software and IT systems • Successfully demonstrate physical ability to perform essential job functions • Should have the necessary basic training for Q&HSE implementation • Must successfully pass pre-placement medical examination and drug screening • Must be a fully committed to safety and a safety champion • Must be able to comply with Company procedures • Will be fully conversant with the Company Management System After employment: • Training according to competence-matrix • Training program for “casing operators” • Leadership training RESPONSIBILTY: • Department management, hereunder; • Available to travel to carry out Casing and Tubing operations • Participate in casing operations according to requirements and guidelines from customers • Running and pulling of casing/tubing • Make sure that the equipment is working as expected • Maintain the equipment • Ensure equipment is fully operational within expected limits • Perform maintenance of equipment • Promote our services and products • Maintain and develop good relations and good service towards our customers and suppliers • Follow the operator and Odfjell Drilling safety instructions • Follow rules and procedures, react and write reports on incidents, dangerous behaviour and situations • Take part in emergency response drills • Maintain orderliness and cleanliness to ensure a safe workplace • Be cooperative and service minded in order to achieve the best results possible • Participate in ” Safe job analysis” • Write reports on incidents, where Odfjell equipment or personnel are involved (this must be done as soon as reasonably practicable) • Delegate, motivate and communicate clearly in daily work • Ability to conduct Toolbox Talks (TBT) in Safety Meetings. Ensure all the crew members have an understanding of the operation and what is required of them.Also initiate a safety-check with OWS crew • Make sure that all equipment is tested and controlled according to procedure • Make sure all equipment is received according to delivery ticket and work scope • Make sure all equipment is safely packed for storing or shipment onshore • Order necessary equipment and spare parts • Equipment faults should be reported on the Equipment Faults report • Complete and sign relevant reporting forms and Service tickets. Send these reports to the client / onshore after each job • Plan and Execute work scope • Ensure Torque Turn Graphs are downloaded and submitted to Operations Supervisor upon return onshore • Timely completion and submission of various reports • Conduct appraisals on Service Technicians • Ability to Supervise Service Technicians • Personnel responsibility, hereunder; • Be a good example and role-model for casing operators • Through words and actions, visualize our core-values and 0-fault philosophy • Emphasize wanted behaviour and make react on un-wanted behaviour • Ensure that all activities are performed according to all relevant HSE requirements and procedures • Ensure that Odfjell Drilling’s HSE-rules are followed within the area of responsibility • Build a culture for continuous improvement of safety and quality • Hold regular meetings with the crew members to ensure two-ways communication and information • Encourage coaching & direct casing operators on Odfjell equipment (on the job training) • Ensure for every job, crew assessment are compiled honestly and fairly and submitted in a timely fashion to the Operations Supervisor • Ability to supervise OWS crew in emergency situation according to OWS procedures • Ability to act accordingly in emergency situation according to OWS procedures • Understanding of rig abandonment procedure and client evacuation procedure