Subsea Supervisor

  • Work LocationOffshore
  • Work Schedule28/28
  • Work Duration1 yr + Extension
  • Estimated Mob Date2019/6/3
  • Candidate NationalityChinese

Job Description

Key Activities and Accountabilities: (Describe the important end results of the job, i.e., what has to be achieved and why.) 1. Supervise subsea operations, working with team to ensure safe completion of the operational task with prevention of technical issues in line with the Subsea Operating manual. 2. Ensure checks are carried out on all equipment for their compliance and are technically correct for the operation being carried out. 3. Ensure that well site support requirements are planned and executed as required to facilitate continuous operations. 4. Carry out and ensure participation from team in tool box talks and planning meetings when required. 5. May be required to work at onshore bases in the preparation, return of equipment and report preparation. 6. Liaise with clients representatives and participate in meetings and discussions as required in a professional manner ensuring continuous quality of service to client. 7. Ensure completion of required documentation for company procedures, processes and specific client’s requirements. 8. Actively mentor subordinates to share knowledge to assist with their competency progression when required. 9. Work with colleagues and Supervisor to complete required competencies for current and next role. 10. Actively adhere to the Code of Conduct and Anti-Bribery policies, procedures and processes to ensure the highest ethical standards are maintained and exposure to liability or risk to Expro’s reputation is minimised. If necessary, report possible violations or conflicts of interest. 11. Actively adhere to and ensure compliance with applicable Quality policies, procedures, processes and systems. Take an active part in quality improvement processes. Identify and report any deficiencies to supervisor and obtain authorisation for any deviations from standard procedures. 12. Actively comply with all applicable Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) policies, procedures and processes. Promote HSE awareness; take responsibility and be accountable for own safety and safety of others. Demonstrate the personal application of HSE procedures in daily performance and always follow the 10 Safety House Rules. 13. Ensure objectives set under Employee Development Plan are met. Job Knowledge and Qualifications: (Indicate minimum knowledge and essential background qualifications necessary to perform the job competently) Technical knowledge gained through completion of competency for grade Formal technical qualification 10+ years technical experience preferable within subsea field Electro Hydraulic or Direct Hydraulic equipment and practical experience of its use in an operational environment Previous Team Leader/Supervisory experience Integrity/Compliance – behaves in a fair, honest and ethical manner toward others; adheres to Company Code of Conduct Interpersonal Sensitivity – identifies with and shows understanding or concern for others; values diversity Technical – achieves and applies a competent level of technical and/or professional skill or knowledge relevant to the role Safety Awareness – upholds safety standards Concern for Quality – has a consistent attitude and respect for high quality standards Performance Focus – contributes to results delivery through individual performance, demonstrating Expro behaviours Customer-oriented – attentive and responsive to customer concerns Team Working – works well with a diverse or multi-disciplinary group to achieve a common goal Communication 2 – communicates clearly in written and/or oral form Creativity/Innovation – inventive; can develop original solutions to problems Collaboration – encourages a participative process; has a ‘win-win’ orientation