Sr. Marketing Contracts Advisor

  • Work LocationShekou
  • Work Schedule5 * 8
  • Work DurationPermanent Staff Position
  • Estimated Mob Date2019/7/1
  • Candidate NationalityChinese

Job Description

The function of this role is mainly to supervise the implementation of Liuhua 29-1 GSA, to help with the Lingshui17-2 due diligence and develop the domestic and Hong Kong markets for Lingshui17-2 gas and conduct the negotiation of the GSAs for Lingshui17-2 and to sell the Liuhua29-1 NGLs and make preparations for the crude oil sale for Block 15/33. This includes Liuhua29-1 on-stream preparations; pricing assessment and calculations; day-to-day contracts administration; existing Lingshui17-2 GSA(s) review; crafting gas sale strategies; negotiation of new GSAs for Lingshui17-2, Liuhua29-1 NGLs price assessment and agreements conclusion, develop crude oil market understanding and conclude crude oil sales agreements etc.