PC Lead

  • Work LocationZhuhai Office
  • Work Schedule5*8
  • Work DurationLong-term
  • Estimated Mob Date2019/7/1
  • Candidate NationalityChinese

Job Description

2. Responsibilities工作职责 (1) Summary工作摘要 Responsible for the schedule control of the onshore and offshore project. 负责公司承接的陆地及海上工程项目的计划控制工作。 (2) Key Responsibilities职务说明 NO. 序号 Contents 工作任务的内容 1 Responsible lead the Planner, cost controller, progress report and QS to work togerthe. 负责组织计划、费用、进度报告员、工程量计量员有效结合工作 2 Responsible Set up Project Schedule 负责项目计划的组建 3 Responsible set up Project Cost and Manangement the change order 负责项目费用组建和管理变更 4 Responsible set up project Progress report and issued on time 负责项目进度报告的组建并及时提交 5 Responsible tracking Project change and assist project manager to negotiate with client 负责跟踪项目变更并协助项目经理与业主进行变更谈判 6 Complete the temporary work arranged by leader 完成领导交办的其它工作 3. Qualifications任职资格 Items 项目 Necessary Requirements 必备要求 Expected Requirements 期望要求 Knowledge 知识要求 Education 学历要求 Bachelor degree or above 大学本科及以上 Major& Professional Qualifications 专业及资格 Offshore Engineering, Project Management and related 海洋工程,项目管理等相关专业 Project Management Perfisional 项目管理专业人士 Related knowledge 相关知识 Familiar with project management, proficient in using P6 and MS office, Basic knowledge of engineering deliverables 熟悉项目管理,熟练使用P6和MS office, 了解设计相关知识 Experience 经验要求 5+ years experience 5年及以上相关工作经验 Ability 能力要求 Good organization, communication and management skills 具有良好的组织、沟通和管理能力 Good oral expression ability and writing level 具有一定的口头表达能力与文字水平 good analysis judgment and executive ability 具有一定的分析判断和很好的执行能力 good English and computer application ability 具有满足工作需要的英语水平和计算机应用能力 Personality 个性要求 Attitude rigorous, responsible, honest, positive, sprit of teamwork 作风严谨,认真负责,正直开朗,积极向上,具有团队精神 Quality requirements 素质要求 Good conduct、man of integrity Honesty and self-discipline Dare to innovation 品行端正、为人正直 爱岗敬业、廉洁自律 原则性强,敢于创新 4. Work Condition工作条件 Workplace 工作地点 Most time in office the other time in outside 主要是办公室,少时在现场 Facilities used 使用工具设备 Computer电脑 Work Environment 工作环境 More job stress 工作压力较大 Working Hours 工作时间特征 Eight hours a day. Temporary overtime 正常工作,偶尔加班