Operation Logistic Officer

  • Work LocationVietnam
  • Work ScheduleAs per Client's schedule
  • Work Duration6 months
  • Estimated Mob Date2019/4/1
  • Candidate NationalityVietnamese

Job Description

PURPOSE OF THE ROLE Reporting to Supply Base Team Leader, the post holder is accountable for developing and executing various sourcing initiatives, adding value though their breadth of experience, expertise, and established networks. Develops and executes sourcing strategies in alignment with applicable market sector and commodity strategies. The role includes understanding the local business objectives and desired outcomes, engaging internal customers and building support for the initiatives, understanding options and risks associated with supply chain activities, building supplier relationships in order to achieve superior supplier performance, negotiating commercial terms to deliver best value solutions, and measuring / reporting the value delivered. Equally important is delivery of all services based on good relationships with suppliers in meeting all RN VN expectations and requirements in HSE, technical integrity and cost effectiveness in ensuring strict compliance with RN VN Group Procurement policies, principles and relevant governing legislations as PSC and other related VN laws and regulations. SCOPE OF WORK The primary responsibilities of post holder will include, but not limit to: • Coordinate all the activities of air, land and marine transportation in a professional manner complying with international rules, RN policy and Vietnam regulations • Ensure that RN’s Golden Rules of Safety and COW are observed at all times during operations at the Supply Base and that RN’s service providers are fully aware of these rule. This shall apply to all other Safety/HSE Policies and regulations existing within RN • Be responsible for Vessel operations formality. Ensure that all relevant arrangements are made for in-country vessels to enter the port, berth, load and discharge freely without delay • Be responsible for the inspection/check of all contractors lifting equipment including containers making sure they have all valid certificates and in good physical condition before loading onto vessel • Coordinate with relevant contractors, PTSC Base and people to arrange the vessel load in/out safely, timely and efficiently • Maintain statistical records for Vessels and Offshore Facilities, such as MGO consumption, vessel usage, voyage reports, daily reports. Produce monthly reports as required • Be responsible for MGO bunkering for supply boat • Be responsible for the Register of Lifting Equipment according to RN’s Lifting Equipment Manual. Maintain the Company Lifting Equipment Register up to date and that the procedures contained in the Lifting Equipment Manual are strictly adhered to. • Ensure that appropriate maintenance is carried out to all lifting equipment according to the guidelines of RN’s Lifting Equipment Manual • Maintain Passenger Database, plan flight schedules and book all flights required • Arrange and coordinates all flights to and from Vung Tau/Offshore Facilities • Maintains links with Lan Tay and HCMC as required and all Contractors to ensure that all relevant information is available for all passengers travelling offshore. • Ensures that all passengers accepted for check-in and flight have the requisite documentation as per RN Aviation Policy document and RN’s helicopter operations procedure • Ensures that RN’s aviation policy is strictly adhered to at all times • Arranges with Contractor for the relevant Immigration Police Boarding Passes, as and when require. Maintains a record of the validity dates to ensure that crew change personnel are always in possession of a valid Immigration Police Boarding Pass. • Prepare import/export paperwork for Customs clearance formality • Arrange with Customs Agency for all import/export formality and Customs clearance for RN and contractors materials, vessel, rigs, barge ect.. on the time basic.  Makes thorough checks on all shipping documents and advises on any shortcomings at an early stage to avoid delays in clearance  Maintains contact with shippers overseas as necessary to ensure timely presentation of documents for import licence preparation and customs clearance effectively  Coordinate with RN HCMC concerning imports and re-exports via RN HCMC Office  Organize and control the formality groups for the offshore clearance of rigs, platforms, barges, vessels etc. as may be required  Constantly review the import and re-export regulations into and out of Vietnam, update Company and Contractors on any changes, also update the guidelines accordingly