Engineering support group – Detailed Design Documentation recording

  • Work LocationWison yard Zhoushan, Cosco Qidong, Bomesc Tanggu, QMW Huangdao, PJOE Penglai
  • Work Schedule8 weeks on 2 off, 6-7 days/week. 9hrs/day
  • Work Duration2-3 years depending on the work awarded to the yard
  • Estimated Mob Date2019/10/7
  • Candidate NationalityChinese

Job Description

• Fulfillment of all aspects of the Company’s document management system at module fabrication site. • Sending of all document and drawing packages to/from the Company and the Contractor. • Development and maintenance of office archives related to document management. • Development and maintenance of office documentation to support Fabrication Team. • Support Fabrication Team in all aspects of document management. • Supply of input data for lessons learned.