Dining Supervisor

  • Work LocationIraq
  • Work Schedule6 months on location – 21 days’ Vacation
  • Work Duration1-2 yrs
  • Estimated Mob Date2019/5/14
  • Candidate NationalityChinese

Job Description

Work Location: Iraq Client: CNOOC Project Contract duration: 1-2 years Work schedule: Deputy Project Manager: 3 months on Location – 21 days’ Vacation. Receptionist & Dining Supervisor: 6 months on location – 21 days’ Vacation Chef Will be educated at catering college/ institute. Shall be one Chinese with at least seven (7) years of experience preferably in five-star hotels & industrial environment Chef: 4 months: or 6 months on Location – 15 to 21 days’ Vacation Working Hours: 12 hrs. duty, no day off. Vacation paid on the basis of 8 hrs. In another month we are planning 60 hrs. duty, vacation paid on the basis of 08 hours. (for manager we can do 12 hrs.) Salaries: They are not sure on the salary range for these positions and are asking us for some guidance. I am not sure, so would you be able to assist?