Deputy Project Manager

  • Work LocationIraq
  • Work Schedule3 months on Location - 21 days’ Vacation.
  • Work Duration1-2 yrs
  • Estimated Mob Date2019/5/14
  • Candidate NationalityChinese

Job Description

Receptionist College and above degree with major in English language, secretary or other related professions. 3year’s experience work as receptionist in a company with more than 500 office employees in Hospitality Industry, or at least 5year’s experience in equivalent position of small companies. He or She must possess excellent English speaking and writing skills. He / She must have attended special training in etiquette and reception. Effective English communication, writing skills with coordination abilities, strong intention of service, and public relation skills. Good image with gentle, kind and nice characteristics. He should be Chinese or Asian. Work Location: Iraq Client: CNOOC Project Contract duration: 1-2 years Work schedule: Deputy Project Manager: 3 months on Location – 21 days’ Vacation. Receptionist & Dining Supervisor: 6 months on location – 21 days’ Vacation Chef: 4 months: or 6 months on Location – 15 to 21 days’ Vacation Working Hours: 12 hrs. duty, no day off. Vacation paid on the basis of 8 hrs. In another month we are planning 60 hrs. duty, vacation paid on the basis of 08 hours. (for manager we can do 12 hrs.) Salaries: They are not sure on the salary range for these positions and are asking us for some guidance. I am not sure, so would you be able to assist?