New Positions List

  • Work LocationAngola
  • Work ScheduleResident/Rotational
  • Work Duration3 years
  • Estimated Mob Date2020/07/01
  • Candidate NationalityExpat & Local

Job Description

1/ Electrical Instrumentation Engineer (Resident):


• Advice the diagnosis related to major malfunctions and failures. Comments Contractor action plan and assess CONTRACTOR competencies and process to solve major malfunctions and failures. Support CONTRACTOR if required;

• Organize and maintain electrical equipments database. Guarantee the quality of activity reporting, particularly though GMAO;

• Reliability: Responsible of COMPANY reporting regarding reliability improvement as a continuous practice to maximise plant availability; identify improvement opportunities in organization, facilities availability, and technical costs; represent progress in reliability meeting;

• Is focal point of Head quarter assistance for KAOMBO electrical equipments or system;

• Establish Maintenance Contractors performance indicators, related to Discipline, according to FO objectives and evaluate regularly their performance;

• Insure condition monitoring philosophy is efficient, and develop tools to maximise it;

• Ensure / Control the Contractors audits as required;

• Propose improvements on the maintenance strategy according to Site needs;

• Contribute, under the Service perimeter of responsibility, for the integration of future developments of Block 32;

• Define, lead / supervise the Discipline studies needed to achieve the objectives in terms of availability, maintainability, and equipment operating cost. Elaborate (approve) for the Discipline, the functional specifications related to process modifications;

• Receive studies / developments / equipment for Discipline.


2/ Contract Service Engineer (Resident):

The service holder will be responsible, under Field Operation Control Leader’s responsibility, for the whole process of the Cost Management Mechanism under the FOS contract. The service holder will be responsible, under Field Operation Control Leader’s responsibility, for the whole process of the Spare Parts and chemicals management for Kaombo Project in liaison with all Kaombo packages.


3/ FPSO HSE Superintendent (Rotational):

The job holder assists the Offshore Field Manager/RSES in ensuring a suitable operability and maintainability of Kaombo FPSO (North & South) active and passive fire protection (hull and topsides equipment). The job holder participates to all operational tests of HSE equipments (FWP, deluge system, Inergen system, F&G system, life boat etc). He/She shall raise as much as punch as necessary resulting from those tests and follow up closely their closure. The job holder ensures that all HSE materials are well installed, operational, preserved/maintained on site. The job holder in liaison with FOS Contractor shall ensure that Contractor HSE management system is implemented correctly on site. The job holder shall ensure that contractor HSE readiness is in line with operation readiness road map and shall highlight any deviation or planning slippage to Offshore Field Manager/RSES. The job holder shall supervise and ease implementation of Contractor HSE Management system. Any deviation shall be duly notified to Offshore Field Manager/RSES. His/Her objective is to reach an outstanding level of safety on board the FPSOs, with the primary objective of robust operations at all time. He/She shall be the focal point for preparation, readiness and coordination of Audits (Maestro, Opersafe, PR5, etc.) offshore. For this mission he shall produce and update a pre-audit check-list. The job holder will be part of the HSE integrated team with the mission described in this job description, hence he will support CTR HSE Manager offshore with regards to his mission.


4/ Topsides & Hull Maintenance Superintendent (Rotational):

As a primary activity, the service holder assists and supports, within the Field Operation team, the Maintenance Engineer in the activities related to the maintenance engineering and preparation developed by the FOS (Field Operations Services) Contractor of the future Kaombo FPSO’s. During VLCC conversion phase, the service holder assists and supports preservation activities within Field Operation team, with operational instruction coming from FPSO Construction Team at conversion yard. The service holder, based on FPSO Contractor’s conversion yard, will participate in supervision of activities, checking the database and methods necessary for preservation activity follow-up. Interaction with Topsides & Hull Inspection Superintendant will be required. For this scope, he will constantly liaise with the Maintenance Engineer, Inspection Engineer/FUIMS Leader, and with the FPSO Construction appointed Leader.


5/ Subsea Production Control System Engineering (Rotational):

Throughout the Project, the main responsibilities of the Subsea Control System engineer, part of the Field Operation team, but integrated in the SPS control system team, are:

• To follow-up the development and testing of : o Master Control Station HMI software; o Subsea Operator training station software; o Overall Control of Wells and Risers software.

• To participate in the testing activities of the SPCS (FAT, EFAT, SIT) and assist SPS and Field Operation teams and in the reception of the SPCS;

• To ensure consistency of MCS software with subsea operations principles and guidelines; • To ensure consistency with the Subsea OTS specification;

• To ensure the consistency with the OCWR Functional analysis principles provided by F.Ops team to SPS contractor, in liaison with the Field Ops ICSS Engineer;

• To follow up and manage all relevant software interfaces with other packages, mainly ICSS ( plus topside SSS, PDS, PCS);

• Assist the Subsea Commissioning & Start up Engineer in the development of the commissioning and SU procedures for the relevant packages (MCS, OTS, OCWR).


6/ ICSS & Functional Analysis Engineer (Rotational):

functional analysis and ICSS as provided by contractors, with a mind set on Field Operations perspective and for all the activities related to HIPPS (High Integrity Pressure Protection System), ICSS (Information Control and Safety System), OCWR (Overall Control of Wells and Risers), and PI (Plant Information) As such, the service holder is responsible for:

• Providing FOPS inputs in the design of ICSS, OCWR and PI in close liaison with the other Project Entities (SPS, SURF,FPSO and FOS Contractor);

• Ensuring adequate Interface between ICSS and SCS (Subsea Control System), and more widely adequate interconnections between systems;

• Contributing to the development and review of HIPPS, ICSS, OCWR and PI specifications, design and documentation issued by Contractors, verifying that Field Operations requirements are complied with;

• Following-up the fabrication, FAT’s and installation of HIPPS, ICSS, OCWR, and PI , providing all necessary feedbacks on tests results, so as to minimize re-work during commissioning or operations phases; • Actively preparing and implementing the pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up activities for HIPPS, ICSS, OCWR and PI; • Actively participating to the hand-over and performance test phases.


7/ Logistic & Civil Engineering Leader (Rotational):

The service holder is responsible for the preparation, organisation, set-up and management of the supply of efficient onshore / offshore logistic services for the Kaombo Project, in compliance with TOTAL and TEP Angola related policies, procedures and objectives, for all Project phases to the hand over to affiliate for Operations phases. The service holder shall define the onshore and offshore logistic services to be put in place (offices, accommodations, onshore base, workshops, storage areas, warehouses, surfers, helicopter, supply vessels, etc.) for Project Execution (i.e. up to hand over to affiliate for Operations phases) and shall ensure their timely implementation. The service holder will ensure the logistics base construction civilian follow up and supervision as company representative. The service holder will ensure the interface between the Project, FOS Contractor and TEP Angola Logistic department (DT/LOG) will advise on the organisation / resources to be set-up / mobilised for the best performance of logistic services within the Kaombo Project / Block 32 Dept / DT/LOG, other as necessary. The service holder will ensure the liaison and interface with Kaombo Field Operation for the preparation, organisation and set-up of logistic services for the Operations phases (2 FPSO’s). FRAME CONTRACT CTR046407 23/TOTAL Classification: Restricted Distribution 43 TOTAL – All rights reserved The service holder reports to the FOSC & Integration Manager The service holder is also accountable for demonstrating an exemplary behaviour with regard to H3SE rules & requirements, for implementing HSE rules within his area of responsibility, and for verifying that H3SE rules are understood and respected by all Contractors involved in the supply of logistic services.


8/ Planning Engineering (Resident):

The service holder is responsible, under the FOPS Control Leader’s responsibility, for all the scheduling, planning and progress measurement activities for the FOPS Package, and for all the reporting activities at Package level. The service holder is also entitled to comply with rules and requirements of Project Control (PC) team and shall liaise and coordinate specifically with the Planning and Reporting Leader from this team (functional link).


9/ Subsea Engineering (Resident):


• Management of the Subsea Equipment located on FPSO (sparing philosophy) like HPU & Subsea Control System;

• To take an offshore position in the Offshore Subsea Team and be responsible to provide direct technical assistance for the operations of subsea facilities and related hull/topsides to the Production and Maintenance / Inspection teams;

• To provide day to day technical support to Kaombo Production activities in order to ensure a safe, technically sound and timely production of Kaombo Field, in liaison with the Onshore Support teams (request mobilization means/tools/equipment as required to fix these issues;


10/ Well Performance Engineering (Resident):

The service holder assists the Well Performance Leader for all activities related to Production and Well Performance, and as such:

• Participates to the development of Ramp-up strategy and develops/follows corresponding programs and operating instructions for wells;

• Ensures that relevant Company Referential related to his activities is well implemented;

• Initiates and follows relevant derogation requests related to wells;

• Validates the definition of the Wells potential and production targets, sets in conjunction with Reservoir and Drilling & Completions well production/injection objectives, and assists Site as necessary to meet the objectives. Optimises and assists Site for production/injection optimisation;

• Assists Site to ensure that Well Integrity is maintained and that sand production issues encountered during operations are properly captured and followed-up;

• Participates in well monitoring activities. Contributes to the quality and accuracy of production/injection data;

• Performs diagnosis studies and initiates/follows Well Intervention requests as necessary to meet production budget. Participates in yearly budget for well and network operations. The service holder reports hierarchically to the Well Performance Leader. The service holder is also accountable for demonstrating an exemplary behaviour with regard to H3SE rules & requirements and for implementing H3SE requirements.


11/ Marine Operations Leader (Rotational):

The service holder will be responsible, under FOSC & Integration Leader’s responsibility, for all engineering activities related to the Marine Operations for the Kaombo Project. During the Detailed Engineering phase of the Project, the service holder will work in close liaison with the Hull team and challenge the design proposed by the Contractor, in order to guarantee a safe, reliable, maintainable operation of the hull equipments, systems and tanks. The service holder will highlights any points that may lead to concerns during operations of marine systems, offloading, tank inspection, etc… or deviate from availability and reliability targets. He will actively participate in resolution of the design concerns with FPSO and Contractor engineering teams.


12/ Functional Analysis Engineering Service (Resident):

The service holder is responsible, under Offshore Field Mgr’s responsibility, for ensuring consistency of functional analysis and ICSS for FPSO South, as provided by contractors, with a mind set on Field Operations perspective and for all the activities related to HIPPS (High Integrity Pressure Protection System), ICSS (Information Control and Safety System), OCWR (Overall Control of Wells and Risers), and PI (Plant Information).


13/ PDMS Engineering (Resident):


• Prepare, ensure and follow the good execution of all reports Daily, Weekly, Monthly, FOPS weekly and monthly reports, SOX weekly and monthly reports;

• Prepare water/ gas emission flow rate and realize official environmental report;

• Input and/or control the site production events in the NPDMS database;

• Responsible for NPDMS administration: IT aspects + interface with users;

• Focal point for interface with Concessionary (ANPG) for the Monthly Operations meeting.


14/ Production Methods Engineering (Resident):

The service holder assists, within the Field Operation (FO) team, the Sr Production Methods Engineer for all the activities related to production engineering, and shall ensure that all engineering and development works related to production engineering are developed in such a manner that all future operations will be performed in a safe, environment friendly and cost effective manner and that production installations will be operable, maintainable and reliable.